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"I am your neighbor, and like you, I see the great potential of Newburgh, and I am confident that with the right vision and plan we can accomplish anything.  I am committed to making Newburgh a safe place where every person is valued.  I am committed to seeking opportunities for growth, so everyone who desires a better quality of life can partake in the success of our amazing city." ~ Mayor Harvey

I was born and raised in Poughkeepsie, New York.  I am the youngest of eight children and first to graduate High School and college.  I also have an identical twin brother (Torrino Harvey) as well.


I moved to Newburgh, New York in 1991!  I found the LORD Jesus CHRIST in the City of Newburgh, NY at Baptist Temple Church.  

(Mentors: Pastor Saul S. Williams & Deacon Larry D. Lindsey)


 I was a teenager who had recently finished high school and my family, and I knew that Newburgh, NY was a very special place with character, history and a beautiful landscape full of great architecture!  More importantly we knew Newburgh had people who genuinely cared not only for a great city but for others that live and work here from day to day!  Therefore, my family and I made this great American city our permanent home. We were introduced to this city by Reverend Saul S. Williams and the Baptist Temple Church.  In fact, my lovely wife and I met here, and the late Reverend Saul Williams officiated our wedding December 23, 2000. We are very proud parents of three children. (Torrance II, Armani and Brizayna).

My wife Tina Rodriguez-Harvey and I met as Freshman at Mount Saint Mary College along with my twin brother Torrino Harvey; we were students enrolled in the HEOP Program in the summer of 1992.  The Higher Education Opportunity Program in New York State is a program that provides students who come from single parent homes; who are typically low income and would not attend college. Most of the students are also first-generation college students!  During my matriculation at the Mount for two years before transferring I achieved high honors and International Dean's List recognition every semester!


My twin brother studied theater and performed in a Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night Dream as Robin Goodfellow under the direction of Professor James Beard.  That same year I starred in an ABC Afterschool Special for Oprah Winfrey’s HARPO production entitles “Girlfriend” which won an Emmy Nomination as well. In fact, my twin brother and I were also the first as HEOP students to earn scholarships to study abroad for a winter semester in London, England-Thames Valley University! 

Shortly thereafter I decided to complete my undergraduate degree at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia in Drama; with a minor in Business Administration (Marketing)  graduating in 1997!  While matriculating at Morehouse College I became a Key Member of the world renown Morehouse College Glee Club. I sang along 60 Morehouse students in Russia for three weeks along the Volga River and returned to Atlanta, Georgia that same summer to perform with Gloria Estefan and Stevie Wonder in the Opening & Closing Ceremonies of the 1996 World Olympic Games!

Upon returning home after graduating from Morehouse College; I auditioned and was accepted into a highly competitive MFA Acting Program at DePaul University’s Theater School in Chicago, Illinois.  After spending one year in Chicago I returned to Newburgh, NY and worked on film and television commercials.  I have been a member of the Screen Actors Guild since 1991. Between film and television jobs and off Broadway productions I began to substitute in the Newburgh Enlarged City School District. After substituting, I became a permanently certified Social Studies Teacher at Newburgh Free Academy in the 1999-2000 academic school year.  I went back to school at night at Mount Saint Mary College and earned a Master of Schiece Degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in History.

Shortly after I began a twenty-year teaching career in the History Department at Newburgh Free Academy.  When returning to Mount Saint Mary College for graduate school I earned a MS Degree in Secondary Education and Concentration in History in 2003. In that process I earned a Permanent Certification from New York State in Secondary Education in Social Studies and became a permanent member of Kappa Delta Pi International Honors Society for Education.  In 2000 I also became a member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity incorporated within the Kappa Upsilon Lambda Graduate Chapter of The Mid-Hudson Valley.  In addition, I was not only teaching high school American History and Government classes and Global History & Geography, but I was also Advisor for the NFA Allstar Dance & Step Team for 13 years!! 

Currently, I am a History Teacher in Excelsior Academy  (PTech Program) for four years.  This year one of my Excelsior Academy students Kameren King and I won 1st Place in the Barnes & Nobles “My Favorite Teacher” Award in April 2018!  During the Award Event I also release my first book of poetry entitled “YA Sankofa”. 


Just two years prior (Fall 2016) I was recognized by Mount Saint Mary College with a Distinguished Alumnus Award!   Public service as an educator and an elected official has had its personal roots and has always been important to me since my Morehouse College years. I was the very first work study student in The Office of President Dr. Walter E. Massey.  This had never been done in the history of Morehouse College. 


I am also a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!  I wrote my first book of poems entitled YA SANKOFA!  Sankofa is a West African term that has its roots in the Twi language.  It means to reflect and look back at your rich heritage.  This book is dedicated to my oldest maternal matriarch Mariah McWilliams who was born a slave.  It is also an acknowledgement of Lucy; the oldest human fossils known to humanity.  

Below I am at the Newburgh Barnes & Nobles doing my very first book signing in April 2018.  I was also awarded the Barnes & Noble Annual "My Favorite Teacher Award" as well. My book is available through ALL digital and print sells worldwide.

In 2015 I was elected for the very first time to serve in the City Government as City Councilman AT Large for a four-year term. Now, I was walking the walk and teaching the talk.  During my two years of service our beloved Mayor Judy Kennedy fell terminally ill and passed away during her second year of her second term in office!  Before her passing she ordered me to her bedside and asked me to finish serving her four-year term as Mayor!  Immediately after giving her my word to for full her request our city government and attorneys researched our city charter and consulted with the NY Conference of Mayors Attorneys and held a special election with to be appointed by the City Council in April of 2018! After I vacated my City Council At Large seat I was voted in as the NEW Mayor for the City of Newburgh in a unanimous vote by the City Council!

Soon after being sworn in as Mayor I made a motion to fill my former city councilman seat at large to appoint Anthony Grice for that vacancy. We the City Council too voted unanimously to appoint Anthony Grice as new councilman at large.  We made these decisions to keep our city moving forward and to continue the great work that has been happening in our great city.  But because of NY state election laws these appointments on carry us until the next election cycle. I campaigned and WON the special election in this past Fall 2018 to complete Mayor Kennedy’s one year left on her four-year term as Mayor! I am up for. RE-ELECTION November 5th 2019 for a FULL four year term!!  We can NOT change course now.  We must keep the leadership already in position!

We are also in the process of creating a NEW Master Plan for our city that is in correspondence with our revitalization of Newburgh!!! This new plan will include ways to create meaningful employment to our city.  I plan to also attract new commercial development and continue to improve our infrastructure; particularly our roads, sidewalks and bridges.  I will also work to improve code enforcement as well. 


Lastly, I’d be remiss not to mention that Mount Saint Mary College believed in me and my potential!  I shall always remember the opportunities and academic preparation for service to others I received at the Mount Saint Mary College.   Fortified with an excellent education, the Mount Graduates CAN make a significant difference!


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